Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

FIND - Villages Near the Two Rennes

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Alet les Bains

At one time all the Razès was ruled from this cathedral - click here for the town.  For more secret delights - click here



Brenac is popular with researches and Mary Magdalene fans.  There is something ultimately mysterious about it.  Click here.




Couiza and Montazels

Welcome to my world!  For the town at the foot of Rennes-le-Château click here.  For the church of John the Baptist, click here.

 For much, much more about the castle at Couiza - click here.

 For Montazels, click here.



Esperaza, the place to go to meet other English-speakers.  Click here.





The Cathar Fortress in Ariège.  Click here.




This village to the west of Carcassonne, attracts researchers, especially the church.  What's the link with Rennes-le-Château?  Not only does it have a font supported by a Devil, but on that day in particular it also had blue apples!

asmod_02_montreal01.jpg   Apples.JPG 
  The church at one time it was a priest's seminary, the young idealists came from miles around to be trained as priests there, and lodged in the town.  Walking around the town I could almost see them! the atmosphere of priestly devotion was so dense.

Mist4.JPG  church.JPG

   The church is very imposing.  However, I couldn't really understand why the pictures of the patron saint, St. Vincent being tortured, would inspire the would-be priests.  





Notre Dame du Cros

Well-loved by spiritual people, this chapel has much to offer - we are only scraping the surface here, hoping you will visit for yourself.  Click here.



A quirky story about this village, founded by the Visigoths, on the "top-road" between Carcassonne and Béziers.  Click here.

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