Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

EVENT - Book Signings

When a new book comes out I am thrilled to share my pleasure with others.  A book launch in Rennes-le-Chäteau is always a party where all are welcome!

Marie D'Ables and the secret of the Hautpouls  9791093291109.jpg 

One fine day in May 2016, in front of the Porte de Rennes shop at Rennes-the çhâteau we did a launch of the Marie d'Ables book (in English) and also a signing of the French Claudia Procula book.

  There was a great liaison between myself and Kris Darquis, because she had found all the wonderful colour pictures in the ever-popular French Claudia Procula book, now in its Souvenir edition, and had also suggested to me that I write a book about Marie d'Ables.  The two were published very close to each other and Kris had already done signings in the Porte de Rennes shop earlier in the year.  So today was Marie d'Ables day!

Kris'n'Me.jpg  LovelyasAlways.JPG 

But we had just got signing when . . . a strange figure passed by.  It was Bérenger Saunière!

Berenger.JPG  Susie'sBS.jpg 

Unknown to us, some people were making a film and a French writer called Christian Doumergue was playing the leading role of Bérenger the priest, and in this sequence he was arriving at Rennes-le-Chiateau, penniless and tired, to find his church in ruins!  Later I found him, out-of-role, having lunch at Le Jardin de Marie.  The lady sitting beside him was playing Marie Denarnaud.


  After this excitement it was back to work and we were graced by a visit from Arthur Emmans and his Travelling Tiger.

Arthur.JPG  Arthur'sTiger.JPG  MeWrinkly.jpg 
I must say I found it gratifying to see all my books for sale inside the Porte De Rennes shop (see the face of the little girl!) and then someone dragged us all outside again for a group photo.

PortedeRennesBooks.jpg  BooksandMoreBooks.jpg 
  This is the first time I have ever seen a photo of Clalie,who works in the Porte de Rennes shop.  She was the real star of the event!

 White Ladies

Champagne.jpg  Launch2.jpg 
On 4th June 2015 we launched the White Ladies in the Jardin de Marie restaurant.  On the theme of white I had to think what to wear - was I a white lady?  But in the end shorts were more practical!  Ani Williams, who features in the book, also came (dressed nearly in white) and played her harp.

Ani1.JPG  Ani2.JPG 
  Ani is a Rennes-le-Château celeb, and as every celeb goes to Le Jardin sooner or later, I was delighted to bump into two well-known ladies from the States, Nancy Safford and Lucinda Askin, friends of Ani's.

LucindaFriend.JPG  Toast.JPG
  I was having a laugh with Susie, my friend from Bugarach, and Trebha, who was in fine form that day, from Rennes-les-Bains.


  They particularly enjoyed the way the book highlights the ancient "pagan" past of Cathar Country, which is Celtic. 

  You can see more about the book here.

Rennes-le-Château My Take 2015

Blurred.JPG  RleCMyTakeCover.jpg 
  I think we had the best time in the world when we did a signing in May 2015 for my friend Jacek, who comes from Poland and wrote a splendid article for Rennes-le-Château My Take 2015.  (This book was not written by me but by various "Rennies" who gave their take on what Rennes-le-Château means to them - which was quite interesting!)

JacekLiqueurAni.JPG  JacekSigning2.JPG 

 We held it outside the Porte de Rennes bookshop, where many people passed by, and it all went swimmingly, maybe because Jacek brought with him from Poland some famous honey liqueur!

  Others who wrote in the book came along too, Anneke, the Wallace-Murphy's, Susie Harrison.

AnnekeFriends.JPG  TimCyndi.JPG 
  They are professional writers with an interest in worldwide esoteric mysteries, while Susie puts her writings on her blog, SusieWoo.

  We all met so many people that day, such as a man reincarnated from a Cathar Lord and a German Tour Operator who knew the region better than we did (of course!) and many holiday-makers who told us how much they were enjoying the Rennes-le-Château experience.  The whole day was really positive, with lots of love and laughter.

Lively.JPG  TellemJay.JPG 

TimCyndiJacekSusie.JPG  AAH.JPG 
  You can see more about the book here.

  The writers and myself had had a celebration previously on Easter Sunday, in the shelter of Le Jardin restaurant.  The most thrilling moment for me was when they first saw their work in print and were so pleased with my efforts!


Here we all are, with plenty of wine!  Me, Tim and Cyndi Wallace-Murphy, Anneke Foremans with her husband Peter and Jaap Rameijer. 

Mary, Jesus and the Charismatic Priest

My very first signing? It was also at Easter, in 2010, when Mary, Jesus and the Charismatic Priest, first appeared.  The trouble was, it was pouring with rain, so we all kept rushing off to Le Jardin for mulled wine!

IMG_0076.JPG  signingdave3.jpg  signingdave2.jpg 
  But my day was made when I meet Ben Hammott and his caving team, we had such a laugh together. He seems to have moved on now to even bigger mysteries, but he still gave me something recently for "My Take" on Rennes-le-Château.

  Sales for that first book "Mary Jesus and the Charismatic Priest" were very slow at first, I was in despair as it was the first Rennes-le-Château book I had written, but this recent spring of 2016 every thing picked up and the bookshops have asked for, and sold, more than ever before!  Click here to see more about it.

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