Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

MEET - Luke Owen

All set for the Season!


  Luke Owen's studio at Rennes-le-Château will be open for the season at Easter 2016, situated in what must be the sunniest place in the village, all is open and filled with light as indeed, are Luke's paintings.  I first met him some three years ago and have been enraptured ever since.
 Luke's studio and gallery is opposite the water tower at very nearly the highest point of the village.
  I was quite thrilled by his pictures; absolute reduction to essentials, artists might say, but they have a great tenderness about them.

IMG_0015.JPG  IMG_0016.JPG

 His pictures are becoming well-known and sell for hundreds of Euros or more, but he also has a collection of smaller prints so that the admirers who have plenty of taste but little else can still take something home and so remember his work. 

  Everyone is welcome "chez Luke", to look round, to admire, to buy, or to be moved by the depth of these images "reduced absolutely to essentials."  Even so, they sort of grow and change with you, so you see more every time you look.  Luke told us how he came to paint after a shattering, life-changing experience; he is quite modest and it seems to me that he under-estimates himself.  The quiet things he has to say are important in a beautiful world overwhelmed with the relentless noise of modern living.

  Then Luke got called back to England by urgent family problems and ended up being away for well over a year!  That was awful, and he was sadly missed by all the Rennes-le-Château people. Then in June 2015 he jumped onto a bus and returned.  Once again he could let the incredible light across the Pyrenees, as viewed from his studio, inspire him to paint. 

The studio was transformed!  All had been cleaned and painted, the white walls were luminous, and the whole gave the impression of endless light.

LightDesign.JPG  Lightness.JPG 

And everywhere are hearts . . .

Hearts.JPG  WorkInProgress.JPG 

 Later last summer his theme became The Open Door; the second picture is my photo with reflections

Doorway.JPG   Doorways.JPG 
  I had moved to Couiza by this time, so was able to call in every time I went up to "the citadel."


And so I will do so for all this New Year of 2016 and look forward to seeing Luke's work continue to develope and explore new themes.

AtWork.JPG  StillLife.JPG 
 Artist at work!


Come to Rennes-le-Château and meet Luke next summer. The door is open!

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