Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Jardin de Marie

This garden restaurant was originally part of Bérenger Saunière's domaine.  One can eat on the terrace or under the shade of the trees in the garden.  It's well-known to hold many events during the year, including concerts, book-signings and visits from Rennes-le-Chateau experts.  Until late 2013 it's clientele was mostly English-speaking people.  Situated near the water-tower, you can't miss it; there is also another entrance opposite the Villa Bethania. 

The camera picked up rays of light invisible to the eyes; the place is quite magic!
It had become THE place for English-speaking people to congregate, and one often met "The Rennies" there.  Concerts and parties were held in the summer.
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You can see the church from Le Jardin, but people of all spiritualities are welcome.
I have visited so many times!
The First Day Of Summer - and a cure?
In May 2010 my friends, Jean and Marie-Noel, kindly took me to Rennes.  We arrived just after noon, so lunch was the first thing on the menu.  We left their little dog, Cabriole, in the car, because she was fragile after being ill for some time, but the kind atmosphere in Le Jardin de Marie, and the kindness of the staff, meant Cabriole could come with us and sit under the table  waiting for titbits.

The four of us enjoyed smoked Salmon, a beef stew in the Camargue style (cooked in red wine and very tender), tarte au citron, wine and coffee.  We were able to look up at the face of the Villa Bethania - and the face of Jesus - as we ate.
A couple of days after we got home, the little dog started to get better and within a week was completely back to normal.  "It's as though she has been resurrected," said her owner Jean.  A coincidence?  Or had the "vibes" of Rennes, Jesus and Berenger Sauniere conspired to cure a little dog?  Certainly, Berenger and his companion Marie, loved animals, Bérenger always asked after them in his letters when he was away from home. 
  Cabriole continues to be in good health.
A New Look for 2014 
After many years Tobi and Gerda moved on to other projects (but still in the Rennes-le-Château region) and the restaurant was taken over by Morgan Marrot who used to work with them.  He worked all winter and installed a huge barbecue on which dishes are now cooked to order.
  We were among Morgan's first customers when we launched Claudia Procula in French.  We ate barbecued chicken breast and stuffed tomatoes, with either salad of a baked potato, with some delicious and light deserts.  Morgan is a qualified chef and it shows! 
PortraitMorgan.jpg  CPLaunch.jpg 
He is talking to Kris's friend, Philippe (pointing) - it was the launch of the Book Claudia Procula - in French.
KrisBook.jpg  VillaB.JPG
"Le Jardin" is under the gaze of Jesus from the Villa Bethania opposite!
It was early in the year then, but have visited many times this spring.
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The ambience is now more French than northern Europe English-speaking which is much more "to my taste."

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